Fun, Games & Pranks

When we were kids, we used to break windows. We also stole apples from the trees in the garden of the old couple next door and we used to ring people’s doorbells in the neighbourhood and then run off hiding ourselves, and then watch the surprised faces of the neighbours when they didn’t find anyone at the door. We did a lot of other crazy things, that just were part of being kids.


The breaking windows thing, came from throwing stones. I don’t know why we did that, but I guess that it was just because we didn’t have too many toys around – and certainly no Play Stations or computers to play with – so sometimes we just threw stones at each other, in a kind of war game. We put on hats, old sunglasses and covered our faces with scarves, in order not to hurt ourselves too much. Sometimes the stones hit things they shouldn’t, like windows. When that happened all hell would break loose.

Don’t hit the double glazed roof lights

At least, back in the day, we didn’t have those nice atrium glazings or double glazed roof lights, that you can get today from places like Vitral – it would have been even more complicated to fix. But we still had to explain to our parents, how we ended up smashing a window in the greenhouse in the back garden or a side window in uncle Jack’s old van. Dad would call us in and give us all a good shout, telling us that we were a bunch of brats and that we needed to be more careful. “At least”, he said, “try to aim at something else but the glass windows”.


But I think it was really just part of life back then. We didn´t have many fancy toys to play with, so we always invented things to do and games to play. Once, we built a gokart out of old wooden boards, a few nails and screws we found at uncle Jack’s and a set of wheels from a left over baby pram. When we ran out of breath and got tired of pushing each other around, we tied a rope between the gokart and Mrs. Jamesons’ old German shepherd, to let it pull us. But that, ofcourse, didn’t go too well and always ended up with scratches and bruises to both us and the old dog. But those kind of silly games gave us fresh air, the abillity to invent stuff – and by the end of the day, we had a great time back then.

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